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We Demand Parachutes

New York




It is 4:05 a.m. Flying at 13,000 feet, Kevin McCord is about to do a high altitude jump out of a C-27, freefall at 120 mph and pull his ripcord.  Amid the intense focus, the seeds of a song lyric and a guitar hook form subconsciously.


We Demand Parachutes exists to transpose experiences via songwriting. New England’s emerging Indie/Rock band was incepted originally as a writing project, with one member deployed overseas with the United States Military, and the other two working in live sound.  This entirely self-produced and engineered trio is vying to cement a position on the throne in the indie rock kingdom.

New Single 'LOST HER MIND' available now!

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08/07/21 - The Middle East Club Presents: We Demand Parachutes, Driveways, Cherie Amour (Equal Vision) & Hello Atlantic - Cambridge, Massachusetts - SOLD OUT!

08/14/21 - Portland House of Music Presents: We Demand Parachutes, Xander Nelson & Don't Panic - Portland, Maine - TICKETS

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